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We produce highest performance specilized rubber having special components and resins for your needs.

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We are ready to be your partner to produce solutions for your parts ranging from several sectors, starting from mold design all the way to mass production for your High Pressure Aluminum (Aluminum / Zinc / Zamak) injection needs.

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Aluminum Injection
Ability to mass produce parts for your High Pressure Aluminum (Aluminum / Zamak / Zinc) injection needs. Learn More.
Technological Machining.
CAD-CAM tools, operating with the most technological 3 axis, 5 axis CNC and vertical machining Wire / Electro Erosion (EDM) centers. Learn More.
Mold Design Manufacturing.
Production and Designing of all our molding work in the house for High Pressure Aluminum, Plastic Injection, Rubber, Sheet Forming, Composite and other metal casting. Learn More.
Plastic Injection.
With more than 500,000 Plastic Injection parts of production experience, we provide services to Construction Machinery, Defense Industry, Traffic Signaling, Medical Materials, Lighting and other sectors Learn More.
All Heavy Machinery.
Vibration Mounts,Couplings,Stators,Electrical Harness Sets, Viscous Mounts-Cushions, Pads, Dampers, Spherical Roller Bearings, Pre-Cleaner Group, Fuel Caps, Pulleys, Fans, Pumps, Kits, Bushings, Engine Gaskets, Pin Seals, Mounts, Seals, Operator Seats, Motor Graders Inserts, Operator Cables, Suspension Rubbers Learn More.
Metal Forming
By using full advantage of Machine Park, we provide mass production of different metal types. Learn More.
Rubber Raw Material Mixture
Producing high quality rubber with special componets and resins for your needs. Learn More.
Packaging and Delivery
Always on time. Each piece, is carefully packed and rapidly delivered. We provide worldwide delivery. Learn More.
Research and Development
Our mechanical, electrical and prodcution engineering team will provide and guide you the the most accurate products. Learn More.

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